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Joris Voorn

An interview with Joris Voorn... by Gar Browne

Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn is a dutch DJ, producer and label owner, currently #88 in DJ Mag's top 100 DJ's and riding high after a very successful and hectic last 2 years. CGI caught up with Joris in advance of his Tripod gig this weekend (with Technasia) and asked a few questions...

CGI: Tell us a little bit about your musical background? Is DJing something you've always wanted to do?

I come from a very musical family, so music is in my DNA. DJ’ing was a hobby first, but it became more serious when I started to make my own music in 2002.

CGI: 2009 seemed to have been a massive year for you, with 2011 fast approaching, how has 2010 compared? Any highlights for the year?

It's been an amazing year, very full and busy, but lot's of good shows and releases. It's hard to believe it was even better than 2009...

CGI: Do you prefer production of live DJ sets? Why?

Dj sets are almost like live sets these days because of the versatile way of working. So I like that most, as I can also play other people's music and not just my own...

CGI: With so many big festivals under your belt, do you ever miss the intimate and smaller setting of a club residency?

I do, which is why it's great to have autumn again and spend some time in intimate clubs instead of playing for enormous anonymous crowds.

CGI: You've said in the past that Tokyo or Hong Kong are your favourite cities to visit, is this still true and why?

Yes. My wife's from HK, so I've been there so many times, it feels like a 2nd home to me. The city is very lively and food is great. Anyone who's been to Tokyo once knows why it's on of my favourite cities.

CGI: With the rise of DJ technology and with more and more DJ's using it, is this the end of vinyl? Do you still keep a vinyl collection?

I don't collect vinyl anymore but we still release vinyl records with my two labels. However, it's getting more and more difficult these days it's a sad thing...

CGI: You're playing in Tripod in Dublin on the 19th of November. Are you looking forward to the gig? How do Irish crowds compare to the rest of Europe?

Looking forward a lot! Irish crowds are great, very enthusiastic and supportive. Every city or country has it's own crowd, which is different worldwide. It almost reflects the local identity.

CGI: What's currently on your ipod, your top 5 tracks?

CocoRosie - Grey Oceans
Royksopp - The Alcoholic
Nils Frahm - Wintermusik
Digitalism - Blitz
Asura - Asura

CGI: So, the future! Any major plans for 2011?

Working on some kind of album project at the moment, not sure when it's finished but it will be surprising for sure!

CGI: Where can we find more information about you online? (website, facebook, twitter etc)?



Peace out!


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